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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register and login in order to make a shipment, track it or get any notifications?

No. Register is only needed to access and use business services. To track your shipments you only need the guide or tracking number, the email we asked for is for delivery notifications. If you have more concerns on the use of your personal data, please check out our Privacy Notice.

Can I automate my shipments and deliveries?

Of course. We have a wide variety of business packages, as well as a home collection service, all designed to speed up your deliveries and reception processes; in addition to advice and support to solve your import and export needs, no matter the size of your company or business.

Can I track a shipment with something other than the tracking code, for example the guide number or my name?

Our system only accepts the tracking code, guide number and / or reference, so we suggest that you have either of the two on hand to check the status of your shipment.

I can’t track my shipment. There is no information in the system.

Check that your input coincides with your tracking number. If the information is correct, it is probable that the shipment hasn’t been entered in our system yet, or that there was a problem with the print bar code reading. We suggest you try later or verify that the documentation or shipment has actually been delivered or documented to us.

Can I ship to a specific address anywhere in Mexico?

We deliver at home and to our branch offices throughout the country. However, there are certain restrictions and conditions in some regions, so we suggest you check our Destinations for home deliveries. To learn more about the coverage of our services, contact us in our chat, send us an email in our Contact section or through the Contact Center at (+52)800- 821-0208

How can I know the price and delivery time of a shipment before I ship it?

Use our or our tools in order to obtain an estimated time and cost of your shipments.

Can I switch an office branch delivery to a home delivery, or vice versa, anytime?

Without any trouble. Just give us a call to (+52)800-821-0208 and request the change.

Can I change the delivery address or correct the information of the receiver if the shipment is already out of the branch office?

Of course you can! We adapt to your needs and we are at your disposal. Call us to (+52)800-821-0208 and request the changes you need; we take care of all the notifications and updates of your shipment.

I wasn’t home to receive the shipment. What can I do?

If we couldn’t reach you, we will leave a visitation note with the office branch phone numbers, as well as our Contact Center for you to communicate with us and choose the best delivery option for you. You shouldn’t be worried, your merchandise is safe and under guard during the time with us and until it is delivered.

What can I do if the shipment was delivered to a person different from the receiver?

Call us to (+52)800-821-0208 and let us know your case and thus be able to give you solutions for the recovery of your merchandise. In case of not being able to do so, we start the claim process. What matters most to us is your peace of mind and satisfaction.

My package arrived open. What should I do?

Please check your package and indicate all the anomalies, call us at (+52)800-821-0208 in order to start a claim.

How can I ask for an invoice?

Ask for your invoice when requesting our services and provide your tax information. To download it, open the Tools on the superior menu and select "Invoicing" (you will need the date and invoice code).