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Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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We are pioneers in the secure logistics model

You can rest easy, as we accompany you throughout the process with our security measures.

Branch offices

CCTV in 100% of our Branches.

GPS Monitoring

Our units are equipped with GPS and electronic locks.

Always On

We have CMN 365 days 24/7

Commercial Promise

Our logistics units are equipped with double floors and holding equipment to mitigate damage. We have 96% compliance with our commercial promise.


Marsh®, No. 1 insurance brokerage company, recognizes us as the lowest customer in claims nationwide. The most efficient response to any eventuality.

The best team

We have been First, Second and Third place in the 2018 National Road Safety Award

Information security policy

As part of our commitments is to safeguard and protect the information of the company, our customers and employees, in order to provide confidence and contribute to the continuous improvement of business processes and achievement of objectives.

As well as to comply with the applicable requirements in terms of information security, whether regulatory, legal and/or contractual

Our Certifications

We are synonym of certainity and guarantee of security for your logistics operation without neglecting our social comitment.

Secure Shipments

With us you obtain services that nobody else offers, with guaranteed security and unmatched speed.